Past research on Game Jams and Hackathons

Game jams and hackathons have only recently become objects of scholarly study. This conference is the result of several smaller workshops organized in the past few years at conferences such as Digital Game Research Association (DiGRA), Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) and ACM Computer Human Interaction (SIGCHI).

Many of the ICGJ organizers are inspired and active in the annual Global Game Jam, which also has its own research community. However, this conference is not about GGJ. We welcome papers and panelists discussing any kind of game jams or hackathon or game creation activity including OGAM, Ludum Dare, NGJ and others.

We list here links to past workshop proceedings to help researchers get a better idea on what kind of research is possible around game creation events.

There are many more peer reviewed publications involving game jams that have been published in other conferences.